Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is available at Fifth Avenue Chiropractic, where Dr. Bryan Staker has been serving the residents of Chambersburg, PA, since 2009. Our practice has a unique approach to assessing, diagnosing, and treating our patients, incorporating chiropractic biophysics and highlighting posture to support pain relief.

What is Spinal Decompression?

At the center of chiropractic care is the spine. Spinal decompression is a chiropractic therapy used to relieve back pain by stretching the spine to relieve pressure on the spinal discs. It typically uses traction to accomplish this. 

At Fifth Avenue Chiropractic, serving the community of Chambersburg, PA, Dr. Staker and his team use advanced technologies, an exact computer program, and a decompression machine to administer a unique treatment plan for you. This is all overseen by one of our highly trained staff members.

What You Should Know About Spinal Decompression

The premise of spinal decompression is that by stretching the spine, your chiropractor creates a negative intradiscal pressure in the spine to help pull disc material back into alignment and to activate the movement of healing nutrients into the disc to increase repair and recovery without the intervention of medication and prescriptions.

Spinal decompression should not be painful and works well when paired, where necessary, with electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and hot/cold therapy. Depending on the methodology, you will either be lying face up or face down during the session, and your spine will stretch intermittently in a precise manner.

Benefits of Spinal Decompression

Chiropractic spinal decompression therapy is non-invasive. After a complete initial evaluation and workup, the session lasts approximately twenty minutes several times a week for up to eight weeks. It can be used in conjunction with other chiropractic care to treat several conditions, including:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis

Spinal decompression repositions your spine to improve your posture, relieve pressure on your spinal nerves and reduce your pain. This all contributes to improving your overall quality of life using natural methods and activating the body’s natural healing systems with hands-on chiropractic care using advanced technologies to obtain results you can feel.

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Dr. Staker and his team at Fifth Avenue Chiropractic are available for the residents of Chambersburg, PA. If you think you may benefit from spinal decompression, contact us on 717-263-6101 today to book an appointment so that we can help you back on the road to better health.

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