Treat Bone Density Loss, Improve Balance and Become Stronger Naturally with This Revolutionary New Exercise System

BStrong4Life® is a new exercise system that is done in a supervised clinical setting just once a week in as little as 15 minutes in your street clothes. It sounds to good to be true but it isn’t.

Diane Foreman who uses the system in Dr. Bryan Staker’s Chambersburg BStrong4Life® Center states, “Thanks to BStrong4Life® for the first time in years my bone density is a plus instead of a minus. My life has changed for the better since using the BStrong4Life® system! I had 4 months of chemotherapy that left my muscles and bones really weak. I’m a lot stronger now, and knowing my bones are stronger makes me feel better.”

She also said, “My balance was not good, and walking any distance was difficult. Now my balance is better, and I can walk for miles without my muscles hurting.”

Kay Thomas, another of Dr. Bryan’s patients, also experienced positive results with BStrong4Life®. In 1999 she was diagnosed with osteopenia, a condition where the bone density has decreased, but has not reached the threshold of osteoporosis. Eventually, Thomas was diagnosed with osteoporosis and Dr. Bryan recommended the BStrong4Life® System. Since she started the program her bone density results have shown a little over 3 percent improvement.

The BStrong4Life® sessions have had other positive effects on her life as well. “I am more secure in my ability to maintain my balance and am stronger physically.  I had difficulty lifting certain heavy items in my home and now it’s much easier. I could never do push-ups or planks and now I can,” she said.

The BStrong4Life® System utilizes three different types of equipment. Each one is designed to quickly and intensely target a specific musculo-skeletal response. Those responses cause your bones to become harder, your muscles to become stronger and your balance to improve.

One of the pieces of equipment you use during your visit to the BStrong4Life® Center is called a bioDensity® machine. In a recent study seniors were examined using bioDensity® to determine its affect at increasing bone mineral density (BMD). The research marks the first time the use of any non-pharmaceutical protocol has been shown to increase bone mass at such significant levels. The results of the study were so significant that they were published in a supplement of Osteoporosis International, the official journal of the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

Another component of the BStrong4Life® System is called the reACT Trainer. reACT stands for Rapid Eccentric Anaerobic Core Trainer. Originally developed for the US Ski Team, the reACT machine simulates landing over and over again from a jump in a very safe and controlled way. In fact there are clients of all ages (up to 92 years old) at BStrong4Life® Centers around the country who use the reACT Trainer.

Exercising on the reACT Trainer is very different from traditional muscle exercises. It works on the eccentric contraction of the muscle not the more familiar concentric contraction. Eccentric contractions happen when the muscle lengthens under tension.  They occur whenever you are absorbing force and decelerating such as:

  • Landing from a jump or in the landing phase of walking/running
  • Walking down stairs or down a hill
  • Changing direction while running

All of the exercises a client does at a BStrong4Life® Center are designed to work together to improve your overall quality of life.

Dr. Staker, Clinical Director of BStrong4Life® Chambersburg states, “Results like Diane’s, Kay’s and many others represent a significant milestone for the treatment of age related concerns such as Osteoporosis, Balance and Fall Prevention. The concept of clinically supervised high intensity, short duration training is a fresh look at wellness. The system is appealing to many individuals unable or unwilling to approach traditional fitness, especially weight bearing exercise. BStrong4Life® is designed to be a sustainable long-term approach to fitness and complements a lifestyle that includes daily activity and a healthy diet.”

For information regarding BStrong4Life Chambersburg and to inquire about becoming a BStrong4Life® Client like Kay and Diane, contact Dr. Staker at the Chambersburg BStrong4Life® Center by calling 717-263-6101. Or visit

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