Instrument Adjusting

Chiropractic manipulation is a common technique that is used to align your spine. At Fifth Avenue Chiropractic in Chambersburg, PA, Dr. Bryan Staker uses an advanced technique to ensure that his patients achieve the best outcomes from their treatments. Instrument adjusting for residents of Chambersburg, PA, is a comfortable and precise way to align your spine and alleviate your symptoms.

What is Chiropractic Instrument Adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments apply pressure to your vertebrae to correct misalignments. The technique can be performed manually or with an instrument. With instrument adjustments, Dr. Staker uses a device that works as an extension of his hands.

Benefits of Instrument Adjustment vs. Manual Adjustment

Manual adjustments are effective for aligning the spine, yet instrument adjustment is the preferred technique in some cases. The instrument allows Dr. Staker to apply pressure to your vertebrae with more precision and control than what can be achieved manually. Instrument-assisted adjustments also tend to ease the vertebrae into place, which may be more comfortable for patients.

What Can Be Treated with Instrument Adjustments?

Instrument adjustments are effective for conditions that can be manually adjusted, such as:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Limited mobility
  • Tension
  • Inflammation

How Does Instrument Adjustment Help?

Chiropractic instrument adjustments align the vertebrae in your spine. Misaligned vertebrae place pressure on the nerves and tension in the muscles. Instrument-assisted alignments relieve the pressure to help your body heal naturally.

What Does Instrument Adjustment Feel Like?

Alignment instruments work by putting pressure on the affected vertebrae. Some instruments use tapping to ease the vertebrae into place. Others extend the pressure that Dr. Staker uses to manually adjust your spine. You may feel a slight pressure or a mild pop when the vertebrae move back into place. Most patients report feeling more relaxed.

How Many Times Should You Get Adjusted By a Chiropractor?

Most patients require a series of treatments with instrument adjusting to retrain the muscles that hold your spine in place. Dr. Staker reviews his recommendations during your chiropractic evaluation.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of instrument adjusting for residents of Chambersburg, PA, and surrounding areas? Call Fifth Avenue Chiropractic today at (717) 263-6101. We will schedule an appointment with Dr. Staker at our Chambersburg, PA, office.

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